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I was recently enlisted to help with centerpieces for a friend's bridal shower, and of course, I accepted with pleasure! Although I love floral arranging, DIY projects aren't normally my patience level just isn't quite there! BUT, as if fortune smiled upon me in the best way possible, a simple tutorial for painted milk bottles appeared on my Facebook feed that very same day. And since I'm very rarely on Facebook, I took it as a definite sign to engage in Martha Stewart DIY on a budget.

Step 1. Gather supplies

martha stewart crafts -DIY vases, milk bottles and mason jars

The Martha Stewart tutorial, unsurprisingly, called for Martha Stewart paint and brushes! I like to follow instructions so I respectfully obliged when buying paint. But to save a couple dollars, I just used regular old paintbrushes found around Apricity's design studio.  For the actual vases, I scored mini milk bottles for $1 a piece at Big Lots and collected clean spaghetti jars. Easy peasy!


Step 2. Paint the damn jars. All. of. them.

Coating the bottles evenly and beautifully with cheapy little brushes were a challenge. Next time, I'll wise up and invest in the Martha Stewart brushes the tutorial told me to use! I decided to throw in cleaned out candle holders from Ikea to create mini bouquets. The different heights worked out perfectly when clustered.

The shower colors were mint, gold and white, I selected the following paints: Martha Stewart in Peashoot (Satin), Martha Stewart Vintage Decor (Matte) in Wedding Cake, and Martha Stewart in Rose Gold (Metallic)


Step 3. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

This is my favorite part! An assortment Billy Balls (craspedias), baby's breath, mini carnations and roses.


floral centerpieces, peach hypericum, babys breath, roses, mini carnations

These little peach hypericum berries are so darling and a personal favorite, I was thrilled to see them stocked at my local flower market.


gold vase with rose



Step 4. Finished! 


I was really happy with how the centerpieces turned out, the project was super easy and we managed to get all the flowers and fixings (20 total) done for under $50. Talk about being way under budget! Maybe I am a DIY person after all?

Till next time!

xo ~ Eileen


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